Monday, 28 November 2016

Leadership- By Gladulas Softwares.

As an individual , who can achieve something that was beyond the imagination was a leader .
Leaders never born , they are self made by their hard work , confidence and ethics.
A Personality that effects a lot to others by his/her confidence is a leader .

“Before you are a leader , success is all about growing yourself
When you become a leaders success is all about growing others”.

 “A true leader don’t create follower , They create more leaders.”

To be a Leader one must  have ……….

Shubham Pathak
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Friday, 18 November 2016

Best MLM Solutions

Wants to Increase Income as an MLM Leader ?  

Follow the foot steps !!!

Income = Value + Time + Professionality + Commitment 

To increase the income , one must follow these points !!!

Value: Understand where is your standing at present. Are you still only bringing in appointments for your up line to present plan? Or are you presenting plan yourself already? As you increase your knowledge in the plan, platform and product, you increase your value at the same time. When you have a higher value, you will definitely increase your income range.

Time: Here time refers to productive time that you give towards to your business.You might be spending all your time with your network marketing business, but quantity of time is not what we are referring to here. Quality of time is the one that matters! And Quality of time means the time you commit to valuable or productive activities. When you increase the quality of time spent in your business, you will surely see your income rise and also receive some benefits after spending this valuable time .

Professionality: It comes when you value what you are working , Initially you start off the business by closing sales one by one. When you derive more experience and knowledge, you will then proceed on to the stage and close sales by the dozens, hundreds or perhaps thousands. Pick up public-speaking. Train yourself starting with a small crowd and then slowly increasing your crowd. When you step foot on the stage, you will be able to sell your product to a greater group of people and your income will soar!

Commitment: Initially commitment towards work is at the peak for you because of the rapid income you are getting initially, but as the plan grows the commitment/values started decreasing . just because you have lost the commitment towards work, the stability also decreases . this was the reason why people didn’t get stability in their business . If you keep this point in consideration ,will surely stand on top .

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