Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Etiquette for SMS Marketing

Before planning to send your SMS-Campaign, one should have their "Action-Plan" and Do & Dont's to ensure optimum response, No body Interested to Just throw their SMS to Marketing without expecting results. 

Image result for SMS CampaignImage result for SMS Campaign
The core plan of SMS-Campaign is Your Business Investment, no matter what is your SMS cost, the more valuable is your time & efforts. 

  1. Set SMS Marketing Plan
    • Define a Proper SMS format for Target Audience only. 
    • Specific SMS should focus on Specific Target Group.
    • Mentioned your web link for Detail (If Any)
  2. Check Links
    • Cross Check whether Link pointing to Desire Link.
  3. Avoid Abbrivations
    • Abbrivations like Avoid "u" instead of "You" , 
  4. Maintain Professional Tone
    • Always use Professional Vocabulary & phrases.
  5. Keep it Short & Sweet
    • SMS Text should be Short & Specific Characters,below 125 characters.
  6. Right Time for Everything
    • Choose a certain Time , prefer working hours only. 

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