Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How to Get Information about any Website:

Many people eager about website information, 

Website is genuine or not  ? 
Website is Legal of Not     ??   
is this Website is Fake      ??? 


There is some website is there, which may help you find same basic information about website,

  • www.whois.com or www.whois.net   - This will helps you to know:
    • Created Date,,
    • Last Update, 
    • Expiry Dt, its 
    • Administrative Contacts, 
    • Billing Contact & 
    • Technical contacts and 
    • Hosting Details.  
  • http://www.hypestat.com/                  This will helps you to know:
    • Visitors Count 
    • Google Rank 
    • Alexa Rank 
    • Server IP 
    • Other site Hosted in Same IP 
    • Worth (Tentative Web Value in $)

I repeat "Website" is not company, website only represent . Company and Websites are different from each-other.

although, you can not identify the genuine/legal status of any site, until you find the legal document of establishment of firm/organization or company.

-  Wish you a Happy browsing.

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